APRIL 13-14, 2015



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  2015 Schedule  

NOTE: The program is subject to change.
Please check the program schedule regularly for changes and updates.
As of 03/23/2015.

  1. Monday, April 13, 2015

    Check-in and Continental Breakfast
  2. Opening Session

              Keynote Presentation


  3. Country Outlook:India

    Country Outlook:Thailand

              Making the U.S. Commercial Service Work for You in Asia/Pacific View Abstract

              Business Opportunities in Vietnam View Abstract

              The China Question: Will Xi JinPing Achieve His Objectives or Will the Economy
              Drag Him Down? View Abstract

  4.           Break
  5. Country Outlook:Australia/New Zealand

    Country Outlook: China

    Country Outlook:Malaysia

    Country Outlook:Mexico

    Country Outlook:Singapore

  6. Seminars
              Abenomics: Japan's Shock Therapy View Abstract

              Doing Business in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges

              Foreign Direct Investment across APEC: Impediments and Opportunities
              for Improvement View Abstract

              In The Middle Of China's Future: Which Way Will It Go? View Abstract

              Asia Rebalance:The Commercial Dimension View Abstract

  7.           Networking Lunch

              Hard-Won Lessons of a Foreign Startup: How ASC Fine Wines became China's
              Largest Premium Wine Importer

  8. Country Outlook: Japan

    Country Outlook:Myanmar

    Country Outlook: Vietnam

              Art of Negotiation - Negotiating With the Chinese Effectively View Abstract

               Indonesia Investment Climate & Policy: A New Government, A New Hope

  9.           Break
  10. Country Outlook: Korea

    Country Outlook: Taiwan

    Country Outlook:Philippines

              India: The Biggest Opportunity for Export Acceleration in 2015 View Abstract

              The First Two Years of the Xi Jinping Revolution

  11. Country Outlook:Hong Kong

    Country Outlook: Indonesia

              Myanmar in 2015: At a Crossroads

               Why Supply Chain Management is becoming more Important in
               China's New Economic RealityView Abstract

               Sectoral Focus: Business Opportunities in India and Japan View Abstract

  12.           Hosted Networking Reception

  1. Tuesday, April 14, 2015

              Continental Breakfast
  2. Country Outlook: Cambodia & Lao PDR

    Country Workshop: Indonesia and Philippines

    Country Workshop: Malaysia and Singapore

              How Sustainable Cities Will Save the Planet: Examples from the Pacific Cities
              Sustainability Initiative (PCSI)

              Materialism, Middle Class Aspirations, New Youth Lifestyles and Behavior
              and a Growing Self-Confidence: The Implications of a Rising China for American
              Business View Abstract

  3. Seminars
              Principles and Strategies of Investing in High Growth Emerging Markets of the Asia/Pacific View Abstract

              If You Are Going To Invest in China, What Determines the Location? View Abstract

              Finding Success in Japan - The Five Golden Rules View Abstract

              Business Opportunities in Vietnam View Abstract

              Rise of E-Commerce: Trends and Behaviors Across BordersView Abstract

  4.           Break
  5. Country Workshop: Japan

    Country Workshop: Thailand and Vietnam

              Global Vision | Local Roots View Abstract

              Managing the Power of Perceptions/Expectations: How to Work with the Chinese
              Effectively View Abstract

              Evolution of the Renmimbi as a Global Currency

  6.           Networking Lunch

  7. Country Workshop: India

    Country Workshop: Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR

              Aspirations And Worries: What's on Young Chinese Minds? View Abstract

              Future of Asia Supply Chain: Mapping of Cultures, Trends, and Technology View Abstract

  8.           Break
  9. Country Workshop: Australia/New Zealand

    Country Workshop: Korea

              The First Two Years of the Xi Jinping Revolution (reprise)

              How to Create High Performing Multi-cultural Teams in Japan and
              Other Asian Economies View Abstract

  10. Country Workshop: China

    Country Workshop: Hong Kong

    Country Workshop: Mexico

    Country Workshop: Taiwan

  11.           Conference Closes